Quiet Mark is Quiet and Fixed

Quiet Mark - Ruger Mark III with Suppressor
I bought this Ruger Mark III with an integral suppressor years ago.

It is so quiet it still freaks me out.

It took about 4 months for the paperwork to get processed. When I finally got it in hand I was so excited.

And in short order I was disappointed by how often it jammed. Feed jams, stove pipes, double feeds it was a nightmare. Well not a nightmare, but a pisser.

After whining about it to TBolt and anyone else that would listen I took everyone's advice and completely disassembled the thing, clean, examine, and played chase the springs.

I believe what eventually fixed it was a very thorough polish of the feed ramp.

Now it never fails.

--Zombies Beware. Quiet Mark wants to whisper to you...


Andy said...


I have a Mark III Competition Target waiting for me when I get back to VA. Just bought it.

Do you have recommendations for optics. I was thinking of going with a reflex reddot of some type.

JB Miller said...

I love the DOT scope on this. It makes it impossible to holster it though. I usually keep it without a scope on it.

I would really like to get one of the lower profile, holographic, dot sights for it.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Check out some of the Across the Chest Scoped Handgun Hunting holsters out there. Betcha you could find one that'll work. Maybe something for a Scoped T/C Contender would be a good starting point. Or just wait until you get to Pittsburgh and do a Compare and Contrast then. Hate to have to leave such a Useful Tool behind during a Level 4 because you need both hands free.

Anonymous said...

it's legal to buy those where you live. I hate MA.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Black Dog makes a holster for scoped rugers.


Andy said...

Mad Saint Jack,

Excellent! Thanks for the link. I guess this means one could turn a Ruger Mark II/III or 22/45 into a BBQ gun.