At The Movies: Sucker Punch

Actress Abbie Cornish has confessed that she “totally fell in love” with guns while filming her new movie Sucker Punch. Based on the Previews, it will be a totally whacked steampunk sword and gun fest. Did they make this specifically for me?

Abbie plays Sweat Pea in the flick about a woman who is institutionalized by her stepfather and retreats to an alternative reality as a coping mechanism.

She says while filming the demanding action sequences in the movie, she was surprised to discover that she likes guns. I'm not surprised. Guns are FUN!

In an interview in GQ magazine's April issue, she said: 'I'm a vegetarian – I'm not the type to want to go shoot a gun... Then I actually got to the range and totally fell in love with an M4. It was kind of amazing."

--Follow this link for the goodness that is the Gun Loving Abbie Cornish!


JB Miller said...

Going to see this on Saturday Just after lunch! In Manassas!

Old NFO said...

LOL... Gotta go see that one!