S&W 629-2 Problem

Last weekend I took my Smith & Wesson model 629-2 to the range for a bit of .44mag recoil therapy.

It was shooting really well. I even hit a 7 inch three times at 75 feet away.

On the last six rounds of the box the drum began sticking closed.

I got it home and it was jammed closed real good.

I did some queries on the Internet that was no help at all. So I asked some friends and TBolt basically recommended starting with a really detailed cleaning. Something might simply be gumming up the works.

As always I take photos as I disassemble guns in case springs go flying or I can't remember what goes where. This was the pick with the drum fully removed and the side plate off.

I spent some time with solvents and lubes and dental tools and cleared the gunk out from the mechanism.

On reassembly, everything working fine.

--I was just a dirty, dirty, boy. And not in a good way.


Tim said...

I've wondered weather it would be worth the purchase of an Ultrasonic Cleaner for just such a problem.

JB Miller said...

I have been thinking about getting one as well. I need to look them up to see how much they cost for a decent model.