Mossberg 152 Project

The Mossberg 152 Project is complete.

My friend Tony did most of the work. This Rifle was completely locked up when it was given to me. It took several hours to completely disassemble, clean, polish and reassemble.

Today we took it to the range and gave it a ride. It shot really well.

1958 Mossberg 152
We ordered a couple replacement parts for it. Most notably a small retention pin in the bolt. It still shoots fine.

--Need to find some mags that don't cost a mint.


Old NFO said...

Looking good, and now shooting good! Doesn't get any better!

Anonymous said...

Between the small ejection port and positive safety, I will always believe that is a perfect child first gun.
Small enough and light enough for a child but long enough and heavy enough for a grown up.
Load a round and remove the magazine for target practice on the Pepsi can,(if you have to single load it, you learn to make that first shot count), and then when tat gets boring, put the magazine in and keep that can bouncing.
The only problem I've found , is it was too good a gun for its cheap sights.
Unlike a ,"cricket", this gun will be a first gun a child can use all his/her life.
Dennis the librarian shusher