Random Saturday

Glock 21 with Glock Tac Lightand Gemtech Suppressor
I was wondering if there was a holster for this gun. So far a custom shoulder rig looks like a best bet.

I bought a bluing kit this week. I am planning on trying it with an old 20 gauge single shot before I use it on any guns I like.

I have a few knives that might look nice if they were blued.

This morning the coffee is really good.

I have totally addicted a friend to shooting. He owns two handguns now and wants to buy a rifle.  It's fair because he is the one that made me love cigars.

I am still waiting on the paperwork from the ATF on 2  suppressors. I am about to do another SBR and an SBS.

I just upgraded my laptop to Win 8.1 and it's better than I expected.

The Shot Show was this week. Makes me want to buy stuff!

--Nothing beats blogging in a bathrobe and nightshirt.

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Old NFO said...

Shoulder holster would be about all that would fit... And yeah payback is fun, isn't it! :-)