New Project Gun

I bought a Mossberg Model 152 from a friend. The action is locked up, the original scope is so dorked it doesn't even have cross hairs any longer, he said it would sometimes mag dup on him and it only has one 8 round mag. But it has a cool drop down hand thing stock!

Mossberg Model 152

--It should be fun to get this thing shooting again.


Bubblehead Les. said...

One of my cousins had one of those when we were kids. They ARE fun to shoot! Just don't take it Maryland. That attached Foregrip might just qualify as an "Assault Rifle."

Stretch said...

Not to be confused with the fold up shoulder thingy.

John Stephenson said...

I have one of these I inherited from my Dad. I used to shoot it as a kid. Loved that gun. One time, when I was around 10 years old, the bolt didn't close all the way but the gun fired anyway. The blast came out the ejection port. I reloaded and kept on firing. Later, when cleaning it I found a significant bulge inside the barrel. Apparently the bullet had lodged in the barrel, which I subsequently fired upon. Remember, I was 10. However, I have noticed no degradation in accuracy, which I find strange. I did purchase an used replacement barrel that was advertised as new, but lacking a gunsmith with confidence in doing a re-barrel, I haven't done it. I would also like to know why it fired with the bolt halfway open. It will still do it if I don't check it. Something is wrong. Otherwise, a fine rifle.