Back to Reality

Well folks, today I head back to work after two months on medical leave.

I am going to start getting back into a routine that will include a daily blog again.

Wish me luck. I need it.

In other news, it's election day. Make sure you vote. Especially if you live in VA. I for one do not want a Governer that was bought and paid for by Bloomberg.

--Cover me. I'm going in!


Tim said...

I went and voted today. I pulled the "R" lever (sigh) but there really wasn't a choice that I was really happy with.

One big change is we have gone back to using paper "X" mark the spot ballots (no chads) here in my corner of South Eastern Virginia.

Tim said...

And welcome back to the work force. Your tax dollars were sorely missed.

Old NFO said...

What your 6... and welcome back!