iScope iPhone 4 Adapter

At the NRA Convention I got to try out the iScope iPhone 4 Adapter and I had to buy one.

This weekend I put it on one of my .22s with a 3x to 9x scope and it works really well.

It can take snap shots like the first here or videos like the second image. Please forgive the heavy breathing because I didn't realize how well it collected audio as well.

This thing can also Facetime the scopes view. That could actually be kind of creepy. A Steven King story waiting to happen!

I think the thing I will most likely it for will be my spotting scope then it doesn't have to suffer any recoil. If it is Facetimed to my iPad I can sit at the bench and just glance at my iPad for results!

Please note: The video below was compressed when emailed off my phone.

--Fun Stuff.


Old NFO said...

Huh, now THAT is a great idea!

B said...

Yeah, except when yer phone dies prematurely due to recoil.

I saw these, and no one really had an answer for the "sudden high transient acceleration" question.

JB Miller said...

That's why I thought it would be good on a spotting scope!

James Taylor said...

Great job Jon, hope this will encourage some people to fix their iPhone 4 Parts if they have a guts of opening it:)