Dragon Leatherworks, the Valkyrie

It was really good to see Dennis up and about at the NRA Convention. Not only that, he was wearing a sweet Sunday BBQ holster:  the Valkyrie

Quote from Dennis:

"It was a custom request by the prop master at NCIS, specifically for the two-part episode starring Scott Bakula in what may well become a spin-off called NCIS: New Orleans."

This photo does not do it justice. Really beautiful Gator hide, or was it Croc? Dennis told a great story about the materials, eBay, and Scott Bakula wearing it. Also about how his gunshow boot was used as background on the show! Fun stuff. Go check out his web site!

Great seeing you Dennis!

--I hope the spin off happens!

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New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Caiman, he said. Spendy hides...