Suppressors are Legal

I continue to be amazed about the emails I get from people that simply cannot believe that a "regular person" is allowed to have a suppressor.

Let me answer a few questions here:
  • They are legal. Sold in many gun store and even on the Internet.
  • They require you file a Form 4 with the ATF.
  • "Silencers" and "Suppressors" are the same thing.
  • They are not as magically quiet as the movies depict.
  • They protect your hearing.
  • They do not make you into a mad assassin.
  • They are expensive, more expensive thn they should be.
  • I believe they should be allowed to use when hunting.
  • They can be used when hunting in some areas. Check your local laws.
  • I do not believe they should be a NFA item. It's Silly.
  • The Fed tax stamp is $200 on top of the cost of the device.

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Old NFO said...

You can buy them in the hardware store in Finland... And it's considered 'polite' to use one when hunting...