Techna Belt Clip

For several months now I have been road testing the belt clip style accessory on my small frame backup gun. You can get these clips on

These things are like the clips on half my pocket knives. Keeps them from moving around. Overall I really like the clip. I have had a couple issues though which I will detail later. 


1) It is Very Inexpensive

Compared to holsters the clips are VERY inexpensive.  They are available for a variety of small autos with more models coming all the time. They also do not interfere with a variety of aftermarket LASER targeting packages.

2) It's Easy to Install.

This Youtube video shows just how easy it really is. Only took me a couple minutes.


3) It's Small.

There are times when carry options are very restricted by your clothes. These clips give you way more options, especially for women.

I have worn the clip inside the waist band of my swim trunks at the beach.

I have a pair of boots that it fits perfectly just in the top inside.

I often carry a backup gun on my offhand side. This clip works perfectly in my left hand pocket with the butt facing forward.

There are also other creative options, as you can see, in the photos to the right. She wouldn't let me take a pic of an inner thigh, stocking/garter, setup but I trust your imagination can get you there.

Done right the clip keeps it where you want it.

4) It's Simple.

When you are trying to minimize the bulk of the gun you are carrying you reduce the size of the gun and the size of the holster. You can't get much smaller than no holster.

Once you start exploring the options it gives you, you will be surprised how many different places and ways you can use the thing. I found a perfect stash spot just under the dash in my truck where I can put it when I can't carry it. actually sent me one for review. I liked it so much I actually bought a few more for other guns I have.


1) The Lint Buildup.

After I began using the clip I discovered that I would end up with serious lint buildup inside my firearm. The lubricants would be leeched away and in some cases would end up resulting in feed jams on the second shot. This may be a problem for all pocket carry setups.  This was simply the first time for me to pocket carry in anyway.

I solved this problem by frequent cleaning. Even if it had not been fired. That stopped lint and kept it lubed.

2) Holster Constraints:

With the clip attached the gun will not fit in some holsters. Some are just fine.

3) The Clip Can Snag.

I was on a camping trip with friends and was wearing my usual summer clothes including cargo shorts. I had a backup gun clipped in my thigh pocket.

When I got up from a folding chair, the clip snagged on the chair and actually sprung from my pocket without my notice. When I turned to retrieve my soda, there it was, laying on the chair. The clip slightly bent. Not good.

If it had to happen, that was the right place. No harm, no foul, no embarrassing loss of a gun. No "splaining" to do. 


All in all, I recommend the Belt clip. It gives you options!


Anonymous said...

Hey now!

Erin Palette said...

Not So Good Stuff #4: It doesn't cover the trigger AT ALL.

JB Miller said...

I almost added that as number 4. But none of the pocket carry handguns I've handled have safeties. It is always a issue to watch.

JB Miller said...

Holy cow. I should put boobs in more posts! Stats are way up!! Thanks!

Sarah said...

I saw a great bra clip holster that had a lot more bulk than that. Might have to try it at that price. Thanks for the link!

Old NFO said...

Lint IS a problem, and I don't like the lack of cover for the trigger either.

Broken Andy said...

No trigger coverage is a deal breaker for me.

I get lint on my gun that I carry IWB. Always have. I'm surprised by people who are surprized by this.

agirlandhergun said...

Not covering the trigger thing is not good. I would be a nervous wreck, but I might start posting pics of boobs to up my stats:)

JB Miller said...

I will be spending a lot of time over at agirlandhergun pressing F5...

snoopycomputer said...

I have found that canting the gun forward so that the grip is not parallel to the beltline, but rather at about 45* to it, places the trigger behind the belt. And a good carry belt is typically twice as thick as the typical leather holster.