Muzzle Loading Handgun

Ever since the Blogger Kid Shoot at Nancy's I have been looking around for a new muzzle loader of some kind.

I think I will get one like this. A double barrel percussion cap handgun.

I am thinking .50 cal and some fancy finishes and maybe etching.

--Yes. I will let you talk like a pirate when you shoot it.


MSgt B said...


Weston11 said...

Arrr... That little lass sure is purty.

Anonymous said...

That is a Howda pistol. It was used by tiger hunters in the late 1800's to defend against a tiger when they jumped upon the elephant that the hunter was riding. Powerful at short range. This will kick!! The pirate pistol is a single shot and a smaller caliber. When this kicks, you will cuss like a sailor instead of talking like a pirate. .50 caliber, 20 gauge or 12 gauge. Black powder only.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Wrist Brace. Trust me.