The Internet

One thing that is sort of new in the aftermath of the Aurora Colorado Movie Massacre is the focus on all the creative stuff you can buy on the Internet.

The Joker here apparently purchased a full set of SWAT armor and gear from Who is now enjoying a huge spike in traffic and sales.

He also bought a lot of ammo from the web. They say it was around 6000 rounds. I call that a good start.

Talking heads are whining that these things are available on the web. They must live sheltered lives if they think this is the worse thing on the Internets. 

--I hope he gets death by firing squad.


Erin Palette said...

Honestly, I don't even see why we need a trial. They caught him at the scene, and I don't care if he's crazy or just evil.

Spare everyone the expense and give the survivors some closure by handing everyone baseball bats and saying "Go for it."

Anonymous said...

Put him in the general population.