As Expected...

I saw on the national news tonight that, as expected, gun sales are way up in Colorado.

I also predicted correctly that applications for Concealed Carry Permits are way up as well.

I am not surprised by either of these facts.

Once again people are reminded that they are ultimately responsible for their own personal safety and the safety of their loved ones.

It's a tough lesson. I wonder how this would have played out if 10% of the crowd were carrying? Some say more people would have been killed. I do not believe that. Remember the 71 year old guy in the Internet Cafe? Or hundreds of other averted tragedies avoided and never made the national media.

--These assholes are cowards. The Shooters and the media.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Sean D. down in NC has been running Stats on CHP's in his state. Been doing some rough research on others like Ohio. It seems in those States that "Allow" CCW, only about 3-5% of those Legally Eligible take the time and effort to obtain their CHP's. For example, if one takes a state like Ohio, with about 11 million, discards those underage, in Jail, etc., there should be about 7 Million CHP's. But we have less than 300,000.

Of course, that's a lot better than places like NYC or Chicago, but could you imagine what would happen if even 20% of a States Population was carrying every time they left their Front Door?

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that crazy bastard sent all his plans to a shrink well before it happened?

Old NFO said...

Good calls all! and yeah, there IS a significant drop in violent crime against persons when concealed carry is instituted! If I remember correctly, VA dropped by 30+%, and Texas by 32%.

Anonymous said...
Trayvon impersonator got Trayvon'd