Body Armor

I was very surprised to discover that in some jurisdictions, body armor is banned.

This seems just crazy to me but when I consider that it is the same people that want gun control, want armor control.

Because not only do they not want you to be able to return fire, they want their bullets to kill you.

I have some armor, but no concealable body armor. I see on the web a huge range in prices and claims and no clear way to cut through the BS. There seems to be ratings on what it will stop but is there a consumer reports objective assessment of armor? (or is it armour?)

So I am asking you.

--Do you know anything about body armor? Recommendations?


Broken Andy said...

Kenn Blanchard has a podcast some time back going over the different categories of body armor.

If I'm not mistaken, it is illegal to wear in VA while committing a crime... a stupid restriction but one I can live with.

Murphy's Law said...

I know plenty, but it's not something that I want to tell the world since bad guys read good blogs too. E-mail me or call and I'll give you the dope on what you might want.

JB Miller said...

Thanks, Murph! Please email me details at miller.jbx at gmail! Thanks!

Sport Pilot said...

Like ML I know soft body armor,

I've worn it every work day for over 25 year's, purchased my first two set's out of my own pocket.

mmasse said...

This site has some pretty good FAQ's for body armor -