Recoil Reduction

Last weekend I went skeet shooting with my brother and an old college buddy.
My brother weights about 100 pounds soaking wet and has a tough time getting beat up by my shotguns while skeet shooting.
Last week end he even tried one of my 20ga single shots and it still left him very bruised.
TBolt sent over a link to this stock made by Knoxx. It's the Blackhawk Knoxx SPECOPS Stock.
--Does anyone have one to say if the recoil reduction claims are true?


Weer'd Beard said...

Jay and Ross both have them on various shotguns. Ross is pretty vocal about being recoil sensitive and says it works great. Jay notes they do work as advertised.

I never gave them much thought because I run a Mossberg and a pistol grip and a tang safety are effectively mutually exclusive.

But if you have a cross-bolt like most scatter-guns and you want your shoulder a little less purple, they do what they say.

Broken Andy said...

Don't know, but all systems are a compromise. What you gain in less recoil you lose in follow-up shots for not being on the target.

Mad Saint Jack said...

I have heard people say you get less of a kick in the shoulder, but the gun can move up and give you a slap in the face.

I did fire one round from a SBS with the knox folding stock. I was surprised that my left hand on the forearm went numb with the recoil.

mac said...

I notice some recoil reduction with mine, however, I wouldn't advocate its use for skeet.

When I went dove hunting last year, I didn't swap out the stock for the more traditional one. I found targeting the dove very difficult, it felt awkward, and don't think I bagged a single one. The traditional stock is much better for ground-to-air work.

Kevin said...

I too have this stock and I always swap it for the traditional polymer stock for skeet. I run a mossberg 590.

Anonymous said...

Best thing ever for a day of shooting esp. slugs