Range Day

Just wanted to toss out there a quick question.

At the range yesterday there was a woman there in the next lane who was there shooting for the first time with her boyfriend. They were shooting a poket sized .38 hammerless revolver and she was shooting it with her thumb crossing over the top.

Everyone was chatting with her as she was excited about being there, giving her advice on stance and hold.

The range commander, a grumpy old guy, told her to hold it like this. I mentioned to her that it is a good habit to have both thumbs pointing in the same direction along the side. It will serve her well to always do it like that so she isn't injured if she ever picks up a semi-automatic handgun with a slide that will bite her.

The old guy took umbrage to this advice. "I've taught hundreds of people to shoot using this grip!" 

I did what I could. Let her learn her own lessons, like I did.

When I first learned to shoot I can remember my Scout master Having me hold it like this to "protect my thumb from the blast out the edges of the cylinder.

--What do you think?


Broken Andy said...

No two people are alike. The best grip is the one that works the best for you. But teaching newbies the different types of grips is a good thing.

Guffaw in AZ said...

It's okay for revolver shooters, but, if she transitions to semi autos, doing as you suggest is wise.

Sport Pilot said...

I was first taught thumb over wrist with wheel gun's but not with pistol's. Yes, I had a few slide bites while I learned my lessons. Showing both style's and letting the student starting out with a revolver is prudent. When they show an intrest in shooting a pistol then you can shift them to a thumb's forward style, just start with a .22. :>)

Rayovac said...

I believe in good habits from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

I shoot my S&W 442 this way, it works great for the snubies. If that is her only gun, I see no problem with it.


The Dude said...

Im with Andy..but Rayovac nailed it

Motor-T said...

My guess is that Jerry has it right.