Project: JR Update

I made some more additions to the JR Carbine.

I added the Magpul flip up sights and a LASERMAX hot green LASER (Thanks Jay!).

I still need to get another EOTech, a good sling, more quality mags, and the barrel threaded!

JR Carbine in .45 ACP

--I am plowing through the ammo with this baby.


Sarah said...

I remember when this was just a want list thing. It's really coming along.

Anonymous said...

What! No flashlight? It's gotta have a flashlight! You've come this far already!

Anonymous said...

"Artful cement floor" LOL!

SteveW said...

This is a great Zombie gun! Killer robots not so much.

Murphy's Law said...

Second the light. It's dark half of the time--add a quality weapon light to gain the advantage during that time. You can never go wrong with Surefire.
And for optics, don't overlook the Aimpoint Micro. Small, light and fast.
Best thing is, all of these accessories--if quality ones, hold their value independent of the actual weapon itself. You'll never lose money buying the good stuff.