Suppressor Shopping

I am currently shopping for a suppressor for my .223 SBR.

I have been reading on several forums and Youtube that using a 7.62mm suppressor on a 5.56mm is effective and has the benefit of the ability to use the same suppressor on other rifles.

I am leaning toward trying it with all else being equal.

Suppressing a .223 SBR is an interesting project. I really want a suppressor because that little bastard is damn loud!

I will also have to try a box of Subsonic .223 to see if it will cycle my rig. Here is a brand that says it will.

--Does anyone have experience with this configuration?


Old NFO said...

Sadly, I do not.

Anonymous said...

Just bought an AAC SDN6 for this reason. I'll see her in 8 months though... ugh

Anonymous said...

I currently run a Yankee Hill Phantom 7.62 on multiple calibers. While it does an adequate job on 30 cals, it is louder on 22 cal rifles then a 223 cal suppressor. I have shot it on a 10.5" barrel and it takes it from painful to manageable.