I was at a professional conference yesterday and overheard a gun control conversation.

The solution offered up was to allow people to buy guns but tax the hell out of guns and ammo.

$100 per bullet. $10,000 per firearm. And then he qualified it with the following statement.

"No tax for the government or police though."

It was then that I added, "Or criminals...".

They just stared at me. I continued in their own superior, intellectual, conversational tone, "If you bothered to take the time and look at the history of Gun Control in the US, that kind of plan has been used in the past to keep guns away from blacks and the poor. It is classist and racist."  Total conversation killer. Love it.

I actually might have put a pebble in a couple shoes. Maybe.

--I am getting sick of these types.


Country Tea said...

The problem is that they will just decide you are making it all up and keep on going with their anti-freedom ideas.


Stretch said...

I wonder what it's like to live in a fact free world. You'd think they'd be happier but they sure seem grumpy.