DIY Gunnies

Running late this morning, dammit. This whole job thing really cuts into my blogging.

Been seeing several creative Do It Yourself gunnie projects. These are a pile of creative people.

I love the hidden compartment projects the most but I see other kinds of creative projects.

--Sometimes guns are heavy!


Anonymous said...

Makes it easy to run with it!

ZerCool said...

Holy crap ... it's GunKid's tactical wheelbarrow!

JB Miller said...

I saw this on Pinterest and could not source it. I'd love to give proper credit. Got a link ZerCool?

ZerCool said...

Sorry, no ... GunKid lives on in legend as one of the more famous internet ninja, eclipsed only slightly by Gecko45. Do a search for him if you're bored sometime. When the zombie apocalypse hits, a wheelbarrow is the ideal transport, and a de-barked chihuahua is the best guard dog - among other gems.

He actually was a pretty deranged guy, and got arrested and served some time for threats he made to water supplies (if memory serves).