Ammo Review

Anthony over at sent over a couple boxes of ammo for me to test and review.

The first box is PMC Bronze .357 Magnum, 158 grain JSP.

The second box is PMC Gold Starfire .357 Magnum, 150 grain SFHP.

I used my Ruger SP101.

Both boxes shot flawlessly.

The photo of the target below was taken after the first 12 shots at 20 yards. All 70 shots ended up inside the 8 ring.

I was pleased with the results at 20 yards!
My friend NancyR gave it a try and found the recoil very manageable. If she had been shooting Zombies every shot would have been right in the sinuses.

I really like the PMC Ammo. The price is modest (when you can find it!) It has good quality and reliability. The Hollow Points make good defensive rounds.

--I recommend the PMC Ammo. Good stuff.

NancyR and the .357

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Nice group, Dude!