Calling for another look at our gun laws

If that is what they want to do here is my list for starters:
  • Elimination of ALL Gun Free Zones
  • Nation wide Open and Constitutional Concealed Carry
  • Repeal of the 1934 Gun Control act and all others since
  • Elimination of TSA and CC allowed on planes
  • Revoke ALL import bans
  • Begin mandatory firearms training in elementary school
  • Continue Firearms education through high school
--That is just for starters. What else?


Bubblehead Les. said...

National Open Carry.

Pumice said...

In other words become Americans again?

Grace and peace.

Geodkyt said...

There's a few Gun Free Zones I can accept.

Prisons, the involuntary wing of the mental hospital, places like that. You know, areas where they actually have a reason to actively distrust the majority of the people there, and they have active, reasonably effective security measures to make it fairly good odds that you as a visitor, are unlikely to encounter a hostile armed person and if you do, the facility has assumed responsibility for providing a modicum of reasonable security personnel.

I'll even accept requiring me to fly my guns unloaded, just because I don't want to risk Cletus fiddling with his loud button at 1500 feet and killing the driver on final approach over a residential area. "Sir, please clear and case your sidearm before boarding the aircraft -- the 'handling' room is over here. You can reload in the handling room right after exiting the gate area at your destination."

I'll accept individual federal or state registration of my militia rifle, so Uncle Sam has confidence I can comply if called up. Where do I send my check for a select fire M4, M16, or M14 at government cost? Because that's the one I'm registering.

Old NFO said...

All women are 'gifted' a gun and allowed to carry anywhere, anytime after training.

Murphy's Law said...

How about repealing the 1934 NFA and the 1968 Gun Control Act? I'd love to be able to order a machine gun through the mail like in the old days. (Remember, Old NFO?)

Stretch said...

Monthly sharpshooting meets with ammo and targets supplied by the USG.
Highest score at every meet gets a one year exemption from national taxes.