Time, I gots to have mo...

Recently, I have been writing a Sci-Fi novel that I have been thinking about for a couple years now.

A few weeks ago while filing some papers, I discovered I have about 200 pages of notes for this story.

A friend at work just got a novel published and inspired me to go for it.

I have tried with other stories in the past but fizzled out. I am going to hammer through an entire first draft this time, based on an outline.

Blogging has gotten a bit thin because of it. Both reading and writing blogs.

It's not a problem for me. I'm still having fun with it.

It's kind of interesting trying to foresee the kind of firearms that will be used in the future. Let me know if you have any ideas?

--And just to ensure sales I am including Nancy R as a character!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, eh? Where do I order?

wandering neurons said...

Why not copy Larry Correia and have a Redshirt Contest?

Nancy R. said...

Except I'm way cooler in the book, unless JBMiller is lying to me.

Anonymous said...

Cooler in the book? Unpossible!