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Suppressor Internals
Last week TBolt posted this:

"We were playing around with this idea at work, me and some of the other gunnies there.  Coffee break, you know how it is.

If you could devote 10000 hours of your life to learning how to be a first class gunsmith, what would you specialize in?"

For some reason I have been thinking about it a lot this week.

I would specialize in custom suppressors. Both screw-on cans and integral suppressors.

I am currently shopping for a very quiet one for my AR15 SBR. I would love to be able to smith one. I have even looked into the paperwork required to make one. $200 as expected.

--Shhhhh. Be verwee verwee quiet...


Anonymous said...

I always kind of wondered what those things looked like on the inside.

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