Evil and Insanity

The problem is mental illness and evil.

Gun control won't stop innocents from being murdered. The opposite is more likely. Guns are used millions of times a year to protect the innocent.

Arson was once the main tool of the insane. Pray they don't return to it. Please recall that Klebold and Harris had set up a propane bomb in the cafeteria meant to go off during lunch. Police said it would have killed as many as 150.

If guns were magically gone, innocents would still be murdered by evil . The tools would just be different.

--Burn in Hell.


Old NFO said...

Concur, dammit

Anonymous said...

Lots of blood dancing on Facebook.

Sarah said...

I am not even going to bother engaging people on gun control.

These sheep are too bathed in Apathy. Wait a few days and they will be posting their breakfasts, talking about who will be in the movie of Fifty Shades and trying to find a good parking spot at the mall.