Another Hunting Note

I always takes a small camo backpack hunting with me. It holds lots of handy items.

The standard contents include things likes knives, a rain poncho, orange flagging for tracking, bottled water, extra ammo, power bars, and other items.

I discovered two things I did not have this time.

Para cord and rubber gloves.

The gloves I could easily do without. They just make cleanup of your hands easier later.

I really missed my para cord though. I was hunting from a trees stand. A pretty tall one too. I unloaded my shotgun and looked for the cord to tie to my sling and pack so I could haul them up after I get situated. No cord. So I put my unloaded shotgun diagonally across my backpack via the sling and up I went.

I got to the top of the ladder and only had about a square foot to turn around. It was so awkward with the extra bulk. When I turned The barrel clanged hard on the stand. Nice. TBolt heard it 300 yards away.

Finally got seated and secure but it was a huge pain in the ass to struggle out of the pack and sling way up there.

Getting down was quicker. I just dropped the pack to the ground.

--I did get two deer though.

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Old NFO said...

Congrats on the deer, and yeah paracord IS a lifesaver! :-)