Nations Gun Show

Nations Gun Show! Let me know if you're going!
The Nations Gun Show is this weekend.

I was not going to go this time because my cash is a bit low.

I was thinking that it might be interesting to see prices and  availability.

I need to get a pile of .223. I could always use another case of .45 ACP. Only if the price is not crazy!

--Maybe I'll take my son. He can carry really heavy stuff!


MSgt B said...


No way. Holidays are right around the corner.
I'm hitting the change jar for cigarette money.

Murphy's Law said...

Tempting. I need primers bad. But work's liable to be in the way.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Dress Warm. You'll probably be standing in line for a LONG TIME just to enter.

Oh, and add a 25% Price Markup since you were last there. After all, "OBAMA'S GOING TO TAKE OUR GUNS!"

Or, at least that will be the Sign on every other table.

Old NFO said...

Lemme know what time, I'm game to see what is 'up'...

azmrmacs said...

Aw damn. I wanna go so bad and get ammo, but with wife still not working, can't afford to supplement the supplies.
Then again, it still may be a blast just to sightsee anyway.

Stretch said...

My go to see what spotting scopes are available for <$500.
And magazines ... need magazines.

Anti Money Laundering said...

Love to attend such event like this. I look forward to experience it someday.

JB Miller said...

Anyone who decides to go and wants to visit we can meet just like last time, at the tables in the front right part of the hall, at 1pm and 5pm.

I will probably be there for one of the times but not the other. I don't know which!

I will be wearing my orange Hoplorati hat!

Old NFO said...

K, I'll plan on being there at 1300 on Saturday.

I'll have a Snipers Hide hat on.