Collection: Mini-14

This is one from my collection. It's a Ruger Mini-14 with an aftermarket Tapco stock, DOT scope and a Laser. All of these "upgrades" came from

The scope and the Laser pretty much suck, but the stock is great. This was in fact my first adjustable, six position stock. I Loved it so much I put adjustable on several of my rifles and even a couple shotguns.

--Mini-14s are a great, easy to maintain, fun shooting rifle.


Broken Andy said...

Mini-14s are fun!

Anonymous said...

Mini 14s are reliable and accurate. Well the new ones are accurate. I love Mini 14s. If only they made one to chamber 7.62/51 This one is nice you rarely see one with a fore grip. Kudos on the attachments I love the way this one is put together.

Anonymous said...

The M1A is the exact same design as the Mini-14 but is in 7.62.

Have a close look.