Lefties Rejoice

Stag Arms 2L - Lefties Rejoice!
I hope T-Bolt doesn't get pissed off because he just built his first AR-15!

Stag Arms makes a true left handed upper for the AR-15 platform.

Just the upper is all you need. It fits on any AR-15 lower with no modifications.

If you just all an ambidextrous safety onto the lower you are never going to have to worry about hot brass again!

The upper is actually a picatinny flat top. this pic shows it configured with a handle sight. The upper only can be had for about $150, with barrel and all about $500 depending on configuration.

UPDATE: I changed out the pic. Thanks, Anon.

--I must suck to be left handed.


Anonymous said...


That pic is not the 2L.

Here is a pic of the 2L:


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I think I prefer the right handed anyway. As long as they done throw brass at my head, it's fine. And the controls... I wouldn't be used to firing a righty and look silly when I got a chance to shoot someone else's at the range.

Erin Palette said...

At that price, I'll LEARN to shoot left-handed!

Old NFO said...

It's ALL about $$ and the chance to get a niche in the market! And yeah, the lefties will love em!

JB Miller said...

I updated the pic! Thanks, Anon!

Murphy's Law said...

I'm a leftie and I have always owned and shot standard "right-handed" AR rifles. Not seeing any issues there or a need for a mirror-image rifle.