Quick Review: Founders

Last year I read the book Patriots by James Rawles and really enjoyed it.

I recently picked up the prequel, Founders.

This is the back story of the main characters from the book Patriots.

I can remember thinking to myself as I read Patriots, "They walked half way across the country? That's gotta be an adventure."

It was an adventure!

This was an audio book. An MP3 audio book. 12 hours on one CD. Excellent reader too.

The story was good. I enjoyed it very much. The plot and characters were developed nicely. The detailed descriptions of the crash and subsequent temp government was interesting.

The UN positioned as the antagonist was a bit of a stretch.  If the US has had an economic collapse the rest of the world will be in a pile of hurt. The UN would not have the cash to support occupying troops.

I also believe that the story did a little too much religious witnessing.

In all, it was interesting and instructive. If you like a good story of the apocalypse, like me, you will like it.

--The guns were good!

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