The Walking Dead

I watched the Season 3 series premier of The Walking Dead on Tivo last night.

Spoilers Ahead:

First thing I noticed is that they FINALLY took the time to fabricate some suppressors.

There was a TON of Zombie Killin! Yes!

That little kid, Carl, is becoming a badass!

Next thing is one that bugged me. I would have dispatched all the Zombies I could THROUGH the chain link fence BEFORE going in.

I would strip and clean and wear the riot gear. Heavy biker leathers at least.

Katana's are a must have during a Zombie Apocalypse!

Nice leg amputation! Ouch!

--Need to find that armory ASAP!

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Knucklehead said...

Have to agree with you about just drawing them to the fence and stabbing them. Why waste ammo or risk moving through them? But then again, I would not have fought my way INTO a prison regardless of the possibility of an armory. I'd presume that ammo would have been exhausted fighting off the zombies or taken by any organized guards who managed to escape.

Also, re: the one that bit Hershel... Don't they know by now that if a zombie's head is intact, smash it. That should be SOP.