TBolts Custom M1A

I went to the range on Fathers Day with TBolt!

I brought the new Gemtech suppressor on my Glock 21. I love it! More on that later.

TBolt brought his M1A with the new mods. Most notable is the new stock. I love it. It's lighter, the cheek and shoulder pads are very adjustable, the mag well has a great throat, and the picitinny rails are great. It also has a nice fore grip bi-pod.

The EOTech scope is excellent.

Even without magnification my very first 100 yard shot was a bulls eye. I could easily keep it on a zombie cranium at 100 yards. I can't wait to try it at 300 or 500 years.

--Great job TBolt!

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Anonymous said...

I have one of those bipod thing.

I like my real bipods better.