First Range Trip for the Gemtech

Glock 21 with Gemtech Suppressor
The new suppressor is great.

The sound reduction is excellent. I went to my sisters farm right after I got it and tried it without hearing protection. Very comfortable.

At the range it was almost funny the audible difference between the Gemtech and my 1911 carry piece.

A few lane down a woman had a Ruger Mark III handgun that was louder. It got a lot of people interested. Couple guys could not believe it was a .45.

In general the can changes a few things about the way the gun functions. The sight picture was disturbed by the diameter of the can. But it was not too bad. Allowances for the picture were easy. The way the gun cycles is smoother and softer some how. The casing doesn't eject as far or as fast. The additional weight and gas baffling reduces the recoil noticeably.

All and all. I love it. I will get my JR Carbine threaded soon!

--TBolt was shooting great with it!!


Weston11 said...

Is it true that the can costs like twice the cash as the gun? Is it worth it?

A_Edwards said...

You have the best toys.