WANT: Marlin Camp Carbine

I saw a Marlin Camp Carbine today in a gun shop. If it had been a .45acp version I would have bought it on the spot. The one I saw was a 9mm though. It would be sweet sharing the mags of my 1911.

Marlin Camp Carbine .45
--The want list grows...


Bubblehead Les. said...

I'd still buy it. They're hard to find, and 9mm is a LOT cheaper today than .45ACP. Plus, didn't they take another company's mags anyway?

Andy said...

I agree with Bubblehead. I'd buy it too.

That Guy said...

The 9mm took Smith and Wesson 59 mags. You can get up to 30 round magazines for it.

I have one of the .45 Camp Carbines that I bought brand spanking new back when Marlin was still making them. I have a red dot on it, and a Choate folding stock. Current plans involve moving the front sight back an inch and threading it for my suppressor.

It is an incredibly fun gun to shoot. Almost no recoil, and a big ol hole on target.

I really wish Marlin would refine the design and make it again.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Ruger makes a 1911 now.

At Pittsburg I tried talking them into a PC 45.

I could use some help convincing them.

JB Miller said...

I still need a .45 carbine of one kind or another!

Jay G said...

There's one for sale at SL Guns.

Give 'em a call, it might still be there!

Gunnutmegger said...

The factory stock doesn't provide the most comfortable handgrip, and the stock has a tendency to crack at the rear of the receiver.

The recoil buffer is a common point of weakness too.

We had to have a Choate folding stock modified by JoJo's Gunworks to NOT fold in order to legally mount it on Crapgame's 9mm Camp Carbine.