The Great Virginia Earthquake of 2011 will be long remembered in my house as PEZocalypse.

All humor aside: This event really got me thinking.

People completely freaked out. The Cell phone system totally failed. The Internet was overwhelmed. The highways were Jammed.

The thing that got me thinking is the question: "What if this had been really bad?"

I was at work when it hit. If I wasn't killed outright there would be no way to drive home for all the bridges between the two.

I checked my BOB in the truck. Good there. I have 2 liters of water as well. My sneakers were not there but I think I could squeeze 20 miles out of my work shoes.

--Got more thinking to do. There were aftershocks last night. Or were these all fore-shocks?


Old NFO said...

Carry what you need, you never KNOW when you will need it...

45er said...

We're way down in TX and we were happy that it wasn't as bad as the freakout made it seem. Then, we thought what if had been bad? And, even worse followed by the hurricane. Makes prepping all of a sudden not a paranoid thing.