Last weekend when I was at Clark Brothers siting in my EOTech there was a concealed carry class being conducted.

One of the students was shooting a Ruger LC9. She had a nice holster and it was a great pick for carry.

I heard a the question, "What is the best gun for concealed carry."  The teacher said, "The gun you have with you." They discussed pros and cons of cals and features. The LC9 was held up as a very good choice because of the combination of power, size, reliability, weight and concealability.

I have the Kel-Tec P3AT in .380 now but I like the LCP!

--One of these guys will find its way into my safe.


Jay G said...

I've had an LC9 for a few months now, and it has impressed me. Had a few teething issues from the start (it doesn't play nice with certain brands of 9mm ammo), but it has settled in nicely.

Very easy to carry; about the same size as a J-fram (with 3 rounds more capacity). And for the pruce (less than a J-frame) it's hard to beat!

45er said...

I'll be doing a review on one this weekend. I'm not a fan of the mag disconnect. That would take some getting used to. If I like it, I may put it on the list as well.

Weer'd Beard said...

The Mag Disconnect comes right out, I posted a video on my blog, or you can find it how I did by searching youtube.

I don't recommend ANYBODY carry a gun with a mag disconnect as it can turn a bad situation (having to draw your gun for any reason) into a HORRIBLE situation (having to use your gun and find it doesn't work)

I also don't like DA/Safe-action guns with added safeties, but the thumb safety on the LC9 can be worked the same as a 1911, with your thumb on the lever while you shoot, and I recommend that grip to rule out any issues that can happen when one ignores an unnecessary safety.

I've shot and handled Jay's and with the disconnect removed it isn't a gun I'd question as a personal carry piece. The recoil isn't even bad. Certainlly leagues more controllable than the airweight J-frame I frequently pocket.