Packing up gear

So I am heading to the The Northcoast Blogshoot II this weekend and started making lists of all the gear I want to bring.

But what should I pack all this in?

I like double rifle, hard sided, Pelican cases. I have one hard sided case that I have had for years. I think I need another.

A new range bag may also be in order. Ammo, mags, ear protection, and other gear.

After last year I also learned a couple things that have led me to bring this year. A shade fly, a cooler, and chairs.

--I will probably forget to pack any clothes.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Extended Forecast for the Weekend up here says Rain/T-Storms. Use Elyria, Ohio for Weather Monitoring purposes, bro. Yes, that means bring your Gore-Tex and Boots.

Breda said...

30% chance of rain. I'm not scared.

Laura said...

pish. rain. after this weekend, no rain could seriously intimidate me.

Old NFO said...

And Ammo... BRING ammo, for the guns you actually bring too :-)

Kirk said...

If your rifle's big enough, nobody'll notice the lack of clothes. Besides....those random breezes...they're fun.