CCW Reciprocation

As previously discussed I recently renewed my concealed carry permit. Virginia has been discussing Constitutional Carry, removing the need to have a permit.

Unless you want reciprocation.

Below is the current reciprocity map, as of today, if you have a residential Virginia concealed carry permit. has a live interactive map. Check it out!

--The CCP itself is still so very plain!


jon spencer said...

What happened to the U.P. of Michigan.

45er said...

Yeah, that's weird. And it looks like Wisconsin is trying to invade Minnesota.

While I would love to not NEED a CHL to carry, I would like my state to at least offer an option to get a state issued license to comply for reciprocity reasons. It sure is nice when I travel to not have to worry when I leave the state. The Texas license works in about every state except the kooky ones where no one is allowed to carry.

Bubblehead Les. said...

We need Full Faith and Credit for all CCW Holders, bro. I can't Carry Concealed in Pennsylvania, but my Ohio Citizenship allows me to Open Carry in Downtown Pittsburgh, in a Bar, while Drinking, while I can't have a Bourbon and Coke in my neighborhood tavern while carrying?

45er said...


Well, that would be an even better option. It's crazy the patchwork of laws sometimes within one state that you can literally break the law by simply driving through some municipalities.