I Love Yard Sales

One of the things I love about where I live in Virginia is the yard sales. Because there is so many people living here that have recently retired from the military, we get fun yard sales. I have found everything from body armor, backpacks, .308 battle packs of ammo, knives and cases.

Here are a couple pics from a recent find.

Standard issue military holster. It's still in excellent condition with little wear. Most of the medium frame handguns I have will fit securely in this holster and the belt clip will work most anywhere.
It is shown here holding my Smith & Wesson 539.  keep in mind that this is not a quick draw holster. to open it you must pull down and out on the D ring.

--It's a nice little addition to the holster drawer and for only $1.00!


Bubblehead Les. said...

Nice find! I'd add it to my SHTF Webbing.

That Guy said...

NICE! You know that around here, those go for $50 at gun shows?

Yeah, I was looking for one for my SHTF webbing, like Les said... but that's a little rich fro surplus gear.

JB Miller said...

Les, That is exactly where it is.

45er said...

I'm jealous for those kind of yard sales. That would be an awesome rig for a hunting BUG.

Old NFO said...

Nice! :-)