Bears in VA

Someone saw a black bear in my suburban neighborhood yesterday and now they are freaking out a bit. This is in addition to coyotes that have spread through the state, eating outdoor domesticated cats.

This has renewed the discussion and debate about hunting, or lack there of, in Virginia. My suppressed 300 Blackout is perfect for black bears!

--If you see a bear, don't hug it.


Stretch said...

My friend lives in western Loudoun Co. His wife said "Damn racoons are in the trash. Go scare them off."
He grabbed his soccer ref. whistle and when out blowing it. Walked right into a bear. He's not sure who screamed louder; he or the bear. Both ran in opposite directions. Fortunately buddy ran into the house and bear into the woods.

juvat said...

Not sure I agree with your comment about not hugging bears. If someone is ignorant enough to believe the bear would appreciate a hug, why not let them purify the gene pool?