AimSHOT KT8150

I ran the AimSHOT KT8150 on my suppressed Glock 17. I have to say this is basically the perfect LASER for this handgun configuration. The clearance is perfect for directly under the suppressor.

It came from a great online retailer, Grab A Gun ( Check out their new website. Lots of great deals currently!

This is a AimSHOP 8150 compact green LASER.

I love this little guy for several reasons.
  • It's very compact
  • Mounting flexibility
  • Adjustable aim point
  • BRIGHT green LASER
  • USB rechargable
I only had one issue with it. When I ran it on my 300 Blackout it was on target right out of the box. I had to adjust it on the Glock. The problem was the adjustment wasn't UP-DOWN and LEFT-RIGHT.

The adjustment screws are at 4:30pm and 7:30pm instead of 3pm and 6pm.

It was not impossible to adjust the aim point but it did take a bit longer.

The instructions that came with the LASER did not show and way to rotate the device. I have an email in to the manufacturer and when I hear back I will let you know.

--All in all, at $92, this LASER is an excellent value. Go buy one!


Old NFO said...

Interesting... How many hours are you supposed to get out of a charge?

JB Miller said...

The docs say 2 hours continuous use. I have been using it way more than 2 so far. And it is rechargeable. No more expensive batteries when I forget it and it's on in the safe.