Aimshot LASER

I recently obtained a new Green LASER from a great online retailer, Grab A Gun  ( Check out their new website. Lots of great deals currently!

This is a AimSHOP 8150 compact green LASER.

I love this little guy for several reasons.
  • It's very compact
  • Mounting flexibility
  • Adjustable aim point
  • BRIGHT green LASER
  • USB rechargable
The first gun I tried it on was my new 300 Blackout rig. The low profile and light weight was prefect for my new favorite rifle. It is so bright that it's easy for me to see even in daylight. It's flexible mount point system allowed me to attach it where rail space was tight.

Maybe my favorite thing about it is that it's rechargeable. It has a micro USB socket on the other side that you simply plug in and charge it up. No replacing expensive batteries!

I am reluctantly going to take it off the 300 Blackout so I can try it on my suppressed Glock 17. I hand mounted it on that gun briefly to see if it would clear the suppressor and it did, perfectly. I will be posting about that next week. I'll try not to gush like a little girl...

--I suspect I will end up with more that one of these!


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Old NFO said...

Nice little addition!