Random Friday

Damn, it is cold today. It's 31, on April 24th. That is so wrong.

Tomorrow I am going to the range with a bunch of people. Followed by steak, beer, bourbon, cigars and poker. A typical Saturday, now that I think of it.

The Nations Gun Show is this weekend. I should go buy .223.

Angles of Attack by Marko Kloos is out! Go buy it.

Buy Still Falling while you are at it!

--The coffee is magical this morning. Why is there no bacon?


Anonymous said...

I bought Still Falling, about 75% of the way through. Good book so far. Any other recommendations?

Old NFO said...

Got it. Will finish it after I catch up on sleep... I HATE redeyes...

Wandering Neurons said...

Just bought "Angles of Attack" yesterday, lined up to be read.
Didn't make the gun show, was in Salt Lake City with family. Went to a local range/store, "Get Some" and rented a few toys, taught my 11-yo nephew how to safely shoot .22, .45, and 5.56 Nato. Included a suppressed FNX, just to teach him and his dad (BIL) that suppressed guns don't go ffffffftttt like Hollywood. Great fun, great range!