On Tuesday I was in a KSTG match at the NRA HQ Range. I did way better than last time!

Kinda Sorta Tactical Game (KSTG) was created as an outlet for practical shooters to exercise defensive shooting skills and tactics in a competitive environment with minimal subjective judgments by officials.

The rules of KSTG evolved from other popular competitive shooting sports such as IPSC and IDPA. Many concepts, procedures, and naming conventions are borrowed from these sports for the sake of familiarity.

First, I managed to not get disqualified! Plus I didn't shoot any hostages! I only received one penalty for shooting the targets in one of the stages in the wrong order.

--I was way less nervous this time. Slow and sure. Big fun. And the reload practice was excellent.

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David said...

Sounds like fun. The more chances to shoot your weapon under pressure, of any kind, the better. And it's fun!