Gun Contol Advocate Sarah Brady has Died.

Sarah Brady has died after losing a long battle with cancer.

Kind of a metaphor for her gun control fight.

I think her effort peeked with the 90's assault weapons ban, that in the end, only proved that she was wrong.

Since it expired, she had to watch all her work erode, disappear, and even fall farther as the facts dismantled their assertions.

It is regrettable, that kind of zealousness was never used for efforts that would actually make people safer.

--RIP Mrs. Brady.


NotClauswitz said...

She got stuck on something, and then more people with an agenda kept pushing on her, and she could never get her head up and see clearly again.

Anonymous said...

And when the assholes got involved and started to lie and manipulate people in stead of using facts they lost all credibility.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Sorry. Sarah VOLUNTEERED to Destroy the RKBA, yet she didn't have the Guts to do so until YEARS later AFTER her Husband was Shot.

And if more "Assholes" jumped on her Bandwagon, she made ZERO Effort to get rid of them.

She Made Her Bed, and She Laid in it to her Death.

But in the year 2015, with MORE Constitutional Carry, Magazine FEDERAL Magazine Ban GONE, FEDERAL Assault Rifle Ban GONE, Shall Issue Concealed Carry, Heller and McDonald, her TRUE Legacy is very simple:


Glenn B said...

My God, from the look of her in that photo, she could have been Pelosi's sister or at least cousin. Good riddance.