Trends they don't like

This weekend was the two year anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Since Newtown, the national trend has actually been toward weaker gun control laws. The places that pasted greater restrictions as a knee jerk reaction have seen crime actually on the rise a bit

Polls even now indicate that protecting gun rights is more important to Americans than gun control. I actually don't care much about polls.

The gun control groups just keep talking and proving their efforts don't work with their own words. They are currently screaming that "95 more school shootings have happened since Sandy Hook". They don't realize that they are actually saying "Gun Free Zone laws totally failed 95 times since Sandy Hook!" If you just take a few seconds and  look close at those shootings Most are drug and gang related. This paints them further with the willful ignorance brush.

They keep saying basically that the only way to stop this is to magically disappear ALL the mean scary guns. Or. Maybe... have good guys with guns on site. Which of these do you think is possible?

A few people are actually beginning to think, "Hey, maybe we have a Crazy People Control problem." Then the gun controllers hear this and say, "Anyone that wants to own a gun is mentally ill!" 

We protect our President with guns.
We protect our celebrities with guns.
We protect our banks with guns.
We protect our TV stations with guns.
We protect our highways with guns.
We protect Children with a "Gun Free Zone" sign.
--America is waking up to this fact. I already have coffee made.

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