Monday Random Thoughts

Happy Monday all. I hope your coffee is as good as mine today!

I had a great weekend with friends.

It included a trip to the range. We took a wide variety of firearms for the guys to shoot. Calibers shot included: 9mm, .40, .45 and .44mag. We actually had more than one firearm of each kind. It was mostly handguns but I also took a couple pistol caliber carbines: Beretta CX4 and my Roni Glock 21 SSBR.

After the range trip we enjoyed good steaks, beers, bourbon, Archer episodes and a couple movies. We watched Expendables 2 and Sabotage. Good gun filled flicks!

I am really enjoying having a formal Bench work area to clean guns and reload mags. I now have a computer and a dock for my iPhone! Perfect for music or audio books while I am working.

Next up for range time I am going to sight in several rifles.

--Big fun. Love having the new range so close.

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Brigid said...

Sounds like a good weekend all around.