Great Weekend

Andie and my AR15 SBR
It was a really nice weekend.

I went to the range four times. Mostly because I was trying to work out the stove pipe problem with my SBR. I tried a weaker buffer spring and it was not that. An adjustment of the depth the buffer tube made it a bit better but not perfect. I am now starting to thing that it may be very picky about ammo. Frankly I am about ready to replace the entire upper.

It was great to have the range just 4 miles away. I was able to just swing in for a quick test.

I also went hunting on Saturday. Didn't see a thing. It was a nice morning in the woods.

I also set up my photography studio and took some photos with a friend and my firearms. Here is the first from this batch of photos. It was really fun. It makes me want to get better backdrops! I added the K-Bar for JayG!

--Need more coffee before this Monday begins...

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Holy smokin' hot friends!