WANT: Ruger 10/22 Charger SBR

A Ruger 10/22 Charger is on my Want List. It's haunting me.

I would eventually register it as an SBR because I can!

There are not a lot of options for SBR Chargers right now unless you do it yourself.

This is an example of a custom drop in setup that a friend sent me.

I keep coming back to it.

I could thread the barrel, get a suppressor and add an EOTech.

--Now if only I could find .22LR.


Sport Pilot said...

Butler Creek folding stock with a modded forearm... http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/7-FS10S

Now you got me thinking about a 10/22 SBR. Dang a $200.00 fee, paperwork and longish wait. Still even with the cost of .22LR it'd be one of the less expensive SBR options.

Old NFO said...

Sigh... I dunno WHERE to find any either...

jcis2ez said...

Is that a modded tapco intrafuse stock? Alo i like those iron sights any idea what brand they are. Let me know at jcis2ez@yahoo.com thanks.

jcis2ez said...
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